Paramount Pictures unveils the official poster of Scream , playing with the metanarrative language of the saga.

The poster portrays Sidney ( Neve Campbell ), Dewey ( David Arquette ), Gale ( Courteney Cox ) and the other protagonists of the film, along with a self-referenced tagline : “The killer is on this poster” . It never happens that a poster refers to itself in the launch slogan, but Scream confirms itself as the meta-horror franchise par excellence.

In fact, the killer is likely to appear on the poster: behind the Ghostface mask , in previous chapters, there has always been a character from the main cast. We cannot exclude, however, that the film makes fun of us, and that that tagline refers to the same Ghostface , whose “face” dominates the composition. Maybe.

The new incarnation of the killer will target Sam Carpenter ( Melissa Barrera ) and other Woodsboro boys, forcing Sidney , Dewey and Gale to return to action to stop him. Some time ago, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (the same of Till Death Do Us Part ) declared that the new film is a love letter to the original , and that the first trailer is full of red herrings .

The US release is expected on January 14, 2022 , while the Italian one is not yet available; However, it is known that Eagle Pictures will handle the distribution. You will find the poster below.

The poster

The cast

Cast includes Neve Campbell ( Sidney Prescott ), David Arquette ( Dewey Riley ), Courteney Cox ( Gale Weathers ), Melissa Barrera , Jenna Ortega , Jack Quaid , Mason Gooding , Dylan Minnette , Marley Shelton , Kyle Gallner , Jasmin Savoy Brown , Mikey Madison and Sonia Ammar .

The screenplay

The screenplay is the work of James Vanderbilt ( Zodiac, The Amazing Spider-Man ) and Guy Busick ( Til Death Do Us Part, Castle Rock ).

Scream in cinema and on TV

The saga so far has four cinematic chapters, all directed by Wes Craven . The scripts are almost all by Kevin Williamson (the creator of Dawson’s Creek ), apart from the third film, written by Ehren Kruger instead .

The franchise moved to the small screen in 2015, in an MTV series that lasted two seasons. A third season – actually unrelated to the previous two – aired in 2019 on VH1.