Vanity Fair has dedicated an in-depth analysis to Secret Invasion , accompanying it with various official photos showing the protagonists of the series.


First of all, the article underlines what many already imagined: the plan of the Skrulls – or at least of a faction of the aliens – is to put their agents in positions of power around the globe, thanks to their shape-shifting abilities. This strategy is the work of an extremist group who are tired of waiting for a new home for their species (promised by Nick Fury at the end of Captain Marvel , but never found). Gravik ( Kingsley Ben-Adir ) is the leader of the resistance who radicalized the aforementioned faction, which split from that of Talos .

Among them is also the latter’s daughter: G’iah , played by Emilia Clarke . Lei g’iah already appeared as a child in Captain Marvel , but she is now an adult who no longer wants to wait for promises from humans.

These people promised a lot of things a long time ago, and not much has happened. So, understandably, some resentment arose.

Executive producer Jonathan Schwartz cites Homeland and The Americans as inspirations:

You will find that there are people you can trust, or who you think you can trust – or, who you can only trust up to a certain point.

Fury will find himself collaborating with James Rhodes ( Don Cheadle ), who has become the right hand of the President, and with CIA agent Everett Ross ( Martin Freeman ), just seen in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever . The character of Olivia Colman will instead have a more “antagonistic” role: that of an MI6 agent determined to protect the national security of the United Kingdom. But are these really her goals? Each character arouses suspicion, given the impossibility of knowing who is who. Samuel L. Jacksonsays we’ve never seen the English actress in such a “ruthless” role, so it will be interesting to find out about her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe .

We will also find Maria Hill again , and Cobie Smulders highlights how Secret Invasion puts human beings at the center, not superhumans:

Look, I wish I had superpowers at one point, but it’s intriguing to play a human in this world because it’s about making the choice to put yourself in danger. This is a Marvel story where humans can shine. Even though there are aliens, and there will be some great action sequences, [the series] revolves around down-to-earth people talking to each other, questioning other people, and getting their hands dirty to get the information they need. they need.

Maria has long tried to contact Nick Fury , but he has always ignored her messages. The former director of SHIELD was in space with the Skrulls … But when he found out the aliens weren’t so friendly anymore, he finally decided to return to Earth. Jackson points out that Fury also has vulnerabilities, and is very shaken after the events of past years: it is also for this reason that he had decided to isolate himself from the world.

Even Nick Fury can be rocked, you know? It’s up there [in space] that he’s trying to process what the f**k happened, you know? And what is his place in the world. Iron Man’s death, Black Widow’s death, after stuff like that he decided to leave.

It’s clear that the Skrulls feel betrayed after Fury ‘s promises :

Nick had a whole network of Skrull spies because they could change their appearance and go to otherwise inaccessible places. They kept their word. They worked for him, but he didn’t do what he promised. They want a home. They want to live. They want to live as they are. They want to live in their skin. Not in ours.

In reality, even humans begin to have doubts about Fury , who is very reluctant to ask for the help of superheroes.

What he’s not doing is calling his super friends. That’s part of the whole dilemma. I mean, people want them, but he’s not involving them.

Why? The actor does not reveal it:

You will find out. There’s a very good reason he’s holding back [from calling them].

Secret Invasion does not yet have an official release date, but in recent days the Disney + page reported June 21 as the day of the premiere. We’ll see. Meanwhile, you will find the new photos below.

The photos

The cast

The cast includes Samuel L. Jackson ( Nick Fury ), Ben Mendelsohn ( Talos ), Cobie Smulders ( Maria Hill ), Martin Freeman ( Everett Ross ), Kingsley Ben-Adir , Killian Scott , Olivia Colman , Emilia Clarke , Killian Scott , Christopher McDonald , Carmen Ejogo , Martin Freeman , Charlayne Woodard and Don Cheadle .

The screenwriter

Kyle Bradstreet , writer and executive producer of Mr. Robot , will write the series.

The directors

Some episodes will be directed by Thomas Bezucha , known for Big Eden, The snow in the heart, Monte Carlo and One of us . Others will instead be directed by Ali Selim , director of the film Sweet Land and various TV series, including In Treatment, Criminal Minds, The Looming Tower, Manhunt and Condor . It’s unclear how many stakes they’ll be directing – it could be three each, or four and two.