The Secret Invasion characters are as secret as the Skrull invasion , and Marvel Studios have yet to reveal their identities, aside from those already known.

Well, now The Illuminerdi claims to have discovered the role of Olivia Colman .


According to this indiscretion, the English actress will lend the face to a version of Union Jack , a character created by Roy Thomas (texts) and Frank Robbins (drawings) on Captain America n. 126 , in 1978. The mask of this superhero, a sort of British answer to Cap , was worn by James Montgomery Falsworth , his son Brian Falsworth and Joseph Chapman . It seems that Olivia Colman will play a character called Falsworth , so she could be a female version of the hero.

It is possible that the series reinterprets Union Jack as a spy, rather than as a real superhero. On the other hand, at Comic-Con it was revealed that Colman will be “an old ally of Nick Fury “, so it would make sense.

As we know, Secret Invasion will be released in the spring of 2023 on Disney + . In the series, Nick Fury ( Samuel L. Jackson ) and Talos ( Ben Mendelsohn ) discover that Earth has been infiltrated by the Skrulls for years . While taking its title from the comic by Brian Michael Bendis (lyrics) and Leinil Yu (drawings), it seems that the show will draw inspiration from the Meet the Skrulls miniseries . Kevin Feige saidthat the plot will be relatively contained, and will focus on the theme of paranoia: in short, let’s not expect the superhero hangover and the great final battle of the comic.

We will keep you posted.

The cast

Cast includes Samuel L. Jackson ( Nick Fury ), Ben Mendelsohn ( Talos ), Cobie Smulders ( Maria Hill ), Martin Freeman ( Everett Ross ), Kingsley Ben-Adir , Killian Scott , Olivia Colman , Emilia Clarke , Killian Scott , Christopher McDonald , Carmen Ejogo , Martin Freeman and Don Cheadle .

The screenwriter

Kyle Bradstreet , writer and executive producer of Mr. Robot , will write the series.

The directors

Some episodes will be directed by Thomas Bezucha , known for Big Eden, La neve nel cuore, Monte Carlo and Uno di noi . Others will be directed by Ali Selim , director of the film Sweet Land and various TV series, including In Treatment, Criminal Minds, The Looming Tower, Manhunt and Condor . It is not clear how many bets they will direct: it could be three each, or four and two.