“Selective and Focused”: Global President of Samsung Mobile Experience Discussed the Future with RPP

RPP Noticias  was one of the few media outlets invited by Samsung to talk with TM Roh, global president of the mobile division.


The importance of Samsung in the technological world cannot be underestimated . The South Korean company remains the world leader in cell phone shipments and faces, along with other manufacturers, a difficult 2023. 

RPP Noticias participated in an exclusive session with TM Roh , president of Samsung ‘s Mobile Experience , where they discussed the current catalog of the company that debuted its Galaxy S23 in San Francisco, as well as current complications and its vision for the future.

Samsung rearranging its cell phone offer

The Galaxy S23 represent the brand’s premium offering when it comes to non-folding phones. When asked about this year’s offer in the “premium mid-range” segment, TM Roh explained Samsung ‘s strategy .

Based on our research and analysis, we have identified that rather than offering several models in the A-Series , it would be better to be selective and focused. This will allow us to clarify and distinguish each model in the series, differentiating the competitiveness and different factors of each product.

We believe that this will bring better benefits to the consumer and to Samsung Mobile as a business.

Being more specific. Our surveys showed that customers in the Galaxy  A70 price band would prefer a flagship from last year (for example, a Galaxy S22 ), from before ( Galaxy S21 ) or the FE series.

Because users tend to prefer these models more, we work on developing them further, which can cover the A70 segment .

Regarding the Latin American market, we understand that there is an importance in premium products, as well as in the flagships of past years and FE models . We will seek to strengthen our competitiveness in this segment.

This envisions a 2023 without a Galaxy A74 and with a new Galaxy S FE . Since the launch of the Galaxy S21 FE at the beginning of 2022, we have not seen a new model in this range.

Metaverse and 5G for Samsung

For TM Roh, the arrival of the metaverse and “immersive experiences” are linked to a greater adoption of 5G networks.

We believe this year will be significant. Many analysts project that the demand for 5G cell phones will exceed 50% of the entire cell phone market.

And regarding the arrival of 5G in more price bands, he highlighted the Galaxy A14 5G that brings this connectivity in the input range. However, the senior Samsung executive assured that they will continue to offer LTE (4G) models in markets where this technology predominates.