Senior Italian official resigns after quoting Benito Mussolini in corporate email

Claudio Anastasio was in charge of managing the computer services of the Italian state .


Scandal in Italian politics. A top official appointed by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has resigned after it emerged that he sent a work email quoting Benito Mussolini .

Claudio Anastasio took office last November as head of 3-I, a public company in charge of managing the state’s computer services.

An email sent to 3-I’s administrative council led to his resignation, reports La Repubblica .

Corporate mail with a fascist twist

“But then, oh gentlemen, what butterflies are we going to look for under the Arch of Titus? Well, I declare here, before you and before the entire Italian government, that I assume (by myself!) the responsibility of 3-I (political! moral! historical!) for everything that happened. If more or less mutilated sentences are enough to hang a man, out with the stick and out with the rope! If 3-I has been my fault, I am responsible for this, because I have fed this historical, political and moral climate in my role,” the email said.

One of the recipients was struck by the tone of the email, so he decided to do a reverse search on Google . There he discovered that Claudio Anastasio had copied a famous speech given by the fascist Benito Mussolini on January 3, 1925.

After the newspaper La Repubblica published the email, Anastasio resigned irrevocably.