Series of ‘The Last of Us’: Leaked Images from the set

The expectation for the series The Last of Us continues to grow. Filming is already underway, and, inevitably, more details are emerging for its premiere in 2022. During this week, in fact, some images and videos were leaked from the film set in Calgary, the Canadian city that has welcomed the HBO production with open arms due to the great economic spill that it is leaving them.

Interestingly, the person responsible for the leak was a The Last of Us fan who resides in Calgary. He managed to sneak onto a street that was set to simulate Austin, Texas. If you have had the opportunity to play the Naughty Dog and PlayStation title, you surely remember that the adventure begins in this city, with Joel, Sarah, and Tommy trying to flee from what seemed to be the beginning of apocalyptic chaos.

Despite the presence of the production staff of The Last of Us, who were still finalizing some places, no one noticed that the fan walked a small section of the street while recording everything with her smartphone. Fortunately, I had a good quality camera, unlike other leaks that appear to be captured with cameras from the beginning of the century. Beyond the above, it was not possible to see any cast members.

And speaking of the actors who will appear in the series The Last of Us, this week Variety revealed another first-rate signing. We are talking about the Australian Anna Torv, whom you may remember for her appearance in the excellent Mindhunter (Netflix) or Fringe (Fox). Torv will be responsible for playing Tess, a key piece in the narrative, as she was responsible for Ellie and Joel getting to know each other. From here on, the rest is a dangerous adventure for both characters.

The bad news, however, is that at least in the video game, Tess’s participation is brief. We will have to wait for the premiere of The Last of Us to see if the adapted script will allow him to appear in more scenes. For their part, actors Murray Bartlett and Con O’Neill will play Frank and Bill, respectively. Finally, it was recently confirmed that Jeffrey Pierce would play Perry, a totally new character who did not appear in either game. The interesting thing is that Pierce participated in the first title, lending his voice to Tommy.

The rest of the cast of The Last of Us is made up of Pedro Pascal (Joel), Bella Ramsey (Ellie), Gabriel Luna (Tommy), Nico Parker (Sarah), and Merle Dandridge (Marlene). At the moment, we do not have a release date. However, recent information indicates that it will wait until the end of 2022 since the filming will last for a year.