Several drivers could not access their electric car due to the crash of the Tesla application

The server application Tesla suffered a fall that affected hundreds of drivers who were unable to access their electric cars.

About 500 Tesla electric car owners reported that access to their vehicle was blocked due to a problem with the company’s mobile app .

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had to do customer service work on Twitter due to a complaint from a South Korean driver. Those who own a Tesla electric car use the company’s app as a key to unlock and start their vehicles.

“I’m stuck an hour from home because I normally use my phone to start [my] car,” one owner posted on Twitter.

According to the service reporting site, DownDetector , 79% of users reported having problems with the Tesla app around 4:00 pm on November 19, lasting up to 6 hours.

Tesla worldwide downfall

Owners of Tesla cars, such as the Model 3  (one of the best-selling cars in Europe), have the option of unlocking their electric vehicle via Bluetooth . If the app doesn’t work, drivers can’t access this service.

The outage was first reported by the electric vehicle specialist website Electrek, which began receiving reports from Tesla owners in the United States and Canada, then from Europe and Asia.