Starzplay has released the first clip of the horror comedy series Shining Vale.


Which stars Courteney Cox, Greg Kinnear and Mira Sorvino . The debut in our territory is scheduled for next 6 March.

The plot

Pat and Terry Phelps (Courtney Cox and Greg Kinnear) invest their life savings to move from a cramped Brooklyn apartment to an old Victorian mansion in Shining Vale, Connecticut, in the ultimate attempt to save their marriage after a torrid affair. Pat with Frank, a young handyman who was repairing the sink while Terry was at work. To make matters worse for Terry, Frank never fixed the sink but still got paid. Patricia “Pat” Phelps is a rebellious ex-girlfriend who became famous for writing a novel about women’s empowerment drenched in drugs and alcohol (also known as lady porn). Seventeen years later, Pat is sober and utterly dissatisfied. He has not yet written his second novel, she can’t remember the last time she had sex with her husband and the teenage sons Gaynor (Gus Birney) and Jake (Dylan Gage) want nothing to do with her. Due to the move to a microscopic city, the two boys are angry and aloof, and Terry’s efforts to keep the family together are rejected. Pat is losing what little control he had over his children, with Gaynor wanting to see her dead and Jake becoming a zombie due to his addiction to screens, while Terry is too focused on moving on to notice that his wife is losing her life. control over itself. Buying a two-hundred-year-old house that had been on the market for nearly three years and sold for more than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars less than the asking seemed like a good idea on paper. but Pat feels the Phelps aren’t alone; especially when a woman appears outside the salon window.
The Phelps quickly discover why the real estate agents were so motivated to sell the house even below cost and why they had overlooked certain details including a triple homicide-suicide and a host of other atrocities that occurred in the house. But neither Terry nor the two teenagers seem to notice that something is wrong; only Pat can see things move and hear noises in the night. Convinced that she is depressed or possessed – it turns out the symptoms are exactly the same – she is also the only one who sees the spirit of the person who committed these murders: Rosemary, a 1950s housewife who maybe, or maybe not, is trying. to own Pat. Each has their own demons, but for Pat Phelps they could be real.


Shining Vale is produced byOther Shoe Productions’ Jeff Astrof , Merman’s Sharon Horgan and Clelia Mountford (Motherland, This Way Up), Kapital’s Aaron Kaplan ( The Chi, The Neighborhood ) and Dana Honor ( A Million Little Things, The Unicorn ) Entertainment. Courteney Cox is also a producer. Jeff Astrof wrote the script for the pilot episode, based on a story by Horgan & Astrof. The series is produced by Warner Bros. Television and Lionsgate Television in association with Other Shoe Productions, Merman and Kapital Entertainment.