Eddie Murphy does not send them to say and, during a video interview published by Etalk.


He confessed that he is ready to return to the role ofDonkey , whether it is a fifth Shrek or a spin-off on the character.

Murphy, who we can now see on Netflix in the comedy You People , also compared his character to Puss in Boots , the star of two films ( one of them in theaters right now ), which, according to the actor, is not as funny as Donkey.

Here’s what Eddie Murphy had to say:

I’d be totally open to it if they ever wanted to do another Shrek , I’d do it in two seconds. I love Donkey. They made the Puss in Boots movies. And I thought, “They should have made a Donkey movie. Donkey is funnier than Puss in Boots. I love Puss in Boots, but he’s not as funny as Donkey.

Murphy reiterated that he would make both a Donkey movie and a fifth Shrek . When the reporter suggests that he put pressure on a film about Donkey to be made, the actor replies:

It’s up to DreamWorks Animation. They must want to. DreamWorks, if you want to do this, give me a call. I’m ready, I’m here and I’m ready to play Donkey.

Some time ago, during the Red Sea Film Festival, Antonio Banderas , voice of Puss in Boots, had suggested that a fifth Shrek was on the horizon:

The first time I did Puss in Boots, I was working on Broadway, so I recorded my dialogue there. I’ve done five movies now. There will probably be another one, and Shrek will probably be back.