Signs of other dimensions in matter that expel black holes

An abundant number of black holes in the universe emit beams of relativistic matter, known as jets . 


Will these models be the key to dismiss or confirm the existence of extra dimensions of space-time?

Unraveling the properties and behavior of the universe in black holes, where spacetime is roughly curved, presents us with unusual challenges. We are dealing with the quantum aspects of gravity . In them we look for signs of other dimensions beyond the four that we perceive.

Why do we think they might exist?

Gravity , such a familiar force, turns out not to fit the classical formulas of known physics. We cannot explain why it is so much weaker than the other fundamental forces. Explaining this oddity, the weakness of gravity, has led us to search for those signals from other dimensions. These extra dimensions could be affecting her and be the reason for her weakness. Thus, the jets , matter ejected by black holes, may be the key to finding signs of the existence of these dimensions .

If we find evidence of exotic dimensions of space-time beyond the four that we perceive (three spatial and one temporal) we could characterize gravitation, understand it, and solve some of the deepest mysteries of science, among them, the expansion of the universe .