“Slavery simulator” in the Google Play Store causes controversy in Brazil

User ratings on the Google Play Store called for “more torture options” for slaves.


A game published in the Google Play Store has caused a scandal in Brazil .

“ Simulador de Escravid ão ” in Portuguese or “ Slavery Simulator ” was on the official Google store since April 20.

The game, which features a white man surrounded by black slaves as its cover photo, caused controversy in Brazil.

“The best slave-owning and slave-trading simulator,” the game’s description on the Google Play Store read .

Macabre game

“In this slavery simulator there are three types of slaves: workers, gladiators and pleasure slaves. Buy or sell them. Each slave is suitable for a certain business. Train your slaves to increase your mastery level and profits”, explains MagnusGames, developer of the game.

Several users complimented the app, which had a 4 out of 5 star rating. Some comments called for “more realism”, increasing the options for torture of slaves.

“Optimal game to pass the time. I think torture options are missing. They could add the option to spank the slave as well. Other than that, the game is perfect”, indicated one of the comments.

“ Slavery Simulator ” was removed from the Google Play Store on May 24, but it can still be played by users who downloaded it. In addition, Android allows you to easily install third-party apps.

The game mobilized the Brazilian Ministry of Racial Equality , which has contacted Google and the developers to prevent further racist content.