Lindsey Beer , screenwriter of the upcoming Star Trek film and creator of the Netflix series The Magic Order.


Will write and direct for Paramount a new adaptation of Sleepy Hollow , the classic story of the headless horseman born in a short story by Washington Irvin , already adapted by Tim . Burton in the movie Sleepy Hollow . The story also inspired a four-season Fox series .

Lindsey Beer will produce alongside Todd Garner and Spencer Walken of Broken Road Productions. That of the director is a name that, in recent years, has popped up here and there with great frequency. She wrote Sierra Burgess is a loser , a draft of the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and was also involved in Silver Sable , a project of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe that is unknown if it will see the light, in the remake of Short Circuit and in the inspired film. to the toy line (and cartoon) MASK: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand . She recently also made her directorial debut with the new Pet Sematary -inspired film, a prequel coming to Paramount +. She also worked on the remake of Bambi , writing a draft of the screenplay, and on the Hello Kitty film for New Line, which she will also executive produce.

The original story

Washington Irving’s tale is set around 1790 and centers on Ichabod Crane, an English teacher who moves to the small town of Tarry Town, in present-day New York, within a valley known as Sleepy Hollow. Passionate about folklore, Ichabod contends with a local man for the hand of the wealthy Katrina Van Tassel. Until, one night, he meets a headless horseman at the center of a local legend, and is forced to escape him in order to survive.

We will see how Lindsey Beer adapts the story, which Tim Burton had already modified a lot in his film.