Small monitors for social networks become a boom in Japan

The small second monitors allow users to consult their social networks without having to change tabs.


Having a second monitor is always a boon for any computer work. But not everyone has the opportunity to buy one for leisure, a detail that has been seen in Japan , from where they have devised small affordable screens and with the same purpose.

In Japan it has become a boom to have these vertical monitors , whose shape is adapted to the chronologies of social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

Small monitor

Computers and laptops come with an extra port to connect an extra monitor , a fact that is well used by companies like Elsonic or Thanko, who have created their own versions of these screens.

Dubbed ‘Twitter monitors ‘, these displays connect via HDMI ports and are powered by USB. Users will be able to arrange their social networks in them, placing them next to their computer for greater comfort.

But its use is not only for these purposes, but also for monitoring, because you can add programs to it to measure the temperature of the computer or its performance with some heavy programs.

The mini screens are 7.9 inches with a resolution of 1280 x 400 pixels. Its dimensions are 20.8 x 7 by 1.6 cm and can cost between 80 and 100 dollars.

Conventional-sized upright monitors and TVs have been seen from well-known brands. Samsung has promoted The Sero as an alternative for social media content and we have told you about our experience in this review .