Snabba Cash , the Netflix series based on the novel of the same name by Jens Lapidus in Italy.


The trajectory of the snow”), will return on September 22 with the second season. Now we can see the trailer.

The synopsis of season 2

A year has passed since the first season and Leya is one of the biggest stars in the world of Swedish startups. TargetCoach’s IPO is imminent and Leya is increasingly successful, but she is also haunted by the memory of Salim.

Jamal is recently divorced and is the operations manager of Leya’s old elementary school. He strives to give his young students better opportunities, but management prefers to keep cutting the budget.

The weather on the streets is more brutal than ever. Ravy finds himself cornered, under pressure from both the police with their new methods and the new opponent Zaki. The market is asking for more drugs and the cartels are ready to distribute it, but the gangs lack young drug dealers.

In spite of herself, Leya is forced to remember her previous links with the underworld and her path crosses once again with those of Ravy, Nala and Osman, all in the unscrupulous search for easy money.

The cast of Snabba Cash

Evin Ahmad will return as Leya, along with Dada Fungula Bozela, Ayaan Ahmed, Khalil Ghazal and Olle Sarri . They will be joined by Ardalan Esmaili and Adam Kais . The series was created by Oskar Söderlund and Jesper Ganslandt . Producers are Nicklas Wikström Nicastro, Susann Billberg-Rydholm, Lapidus , Emilia Widstrand and Fredrik Wikström .

Snabba Cash , the novel by Lapidus, has already been adapted to the cinema in Easy Money by Daniel Espinosa . This series, however, is a sequel, set ten years after the events told in the so-called Stockholm Trilogy (also composed of the novels Mai far cazzate and Life Deluxe ).