Songs by year or theme: Improve your playlists with Spotify’s advanced search

With Spotify ‘s advanced search , the user will be able to find singles, albums, radios, podcasts and even moods, according to a detailed filter.


Spotify is one of the giants in streaming, hosting millions of active users and artists from all over the world. The app is much more than artist albums, as you can also find opinion podcasts, mixes, playlists and profiles to share with friends.

How to perform a search?

Performing a search on Spotify should not be limited to just looking for a single, since it has a function called advanced search where it allows the user to locate songs, albums, artists, playlists, podcasts, moods, profiles, and even musical genres. In addition, you can search for radio stations and concerts. 

Another of the favorite options of users is the search for song lyrics, where the user only has to type 3 words in the main search engine so that the lyrics match the text, the best results will appear and this will allow the user to find the song what are you looking for.

Spotify also works by voice through phone assistants, smartwatches like the Fitbit , and speakers like Amazon’s Echo Dot. 

Advanced search, the best option for users

The advanced search will be executed once the user puts the term they want to find in quotes (“”), so that Spotify will show only the results that correspond to the reference, for example, if you put “Classic Rock”, Spotify will only show everything related to classic Rock, if you want to be more specific you can add the name of the artist or year of creation and even album (for example: “Twisted Sister Christmas album”).

You can also exclude adding search terms, for this you must attach the words and (include results in the search) and not (do not include results in the search) that must be included in the search to show better results.

Spotify also allows you to combine searches, you can use the search by year intervals (example from 1998 to 2001) and even by genre and year (Reggaeton from 2011).