Space stuffed animals: These are the most curious objects that have been taken to space

During various space voyages , astronauts have decided to take stuffed animals, objects, among other things into space , probably to keep up with the stress of the mission.


Although the stuffed animals of SpaceX astronauts have gone around the world and have been all the rage on social networks.

The truth is that for many years various curious things have been taken into space on different missions. Know what curious or strange objects we have taken out of our atmosphere .

Luke Skywalker’s Sword | 2007

The sword of the ‘jedi’ Luke Skywalker was carried into space aboard the space shuttle Discovery. This piece was orbiting the Earth for fourteen days.

Buzz Lightyear | 2008

The famous toy from the animated film Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear , traveled to the International Space Station aboard the shuttle Discovery on May 31, 2008 .

Dinosaur made in ISS | 2013

In 2013, a stuffed animal appeared on the International Space Station and the person responsible was astronaut Karen Nyberg, who was created by herself as a stuffed animal for her son.

Vehicles in space | 2018

The owner of the private aerospace company SpaceX decided to take one of his Tesla brand cars into space to perform a launch test with load. The car is a Tesla Roadster and featured a mannequin named ‘Starman’ in the driver’s seat.

Earthy | 2019

A curious stuffed animal in the shape of the planet Earth traveled to space along with a mannequin in 2019 to perform the first cargo delivery test of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon ship. The toy arrived complete at the International Space Station.

Tremor | 2020

The most famous cuddly toy was undoubtedly Tremor , as this little cuddly toy in the form of a dinosaur was the one who accompanied the NASA astronaut cousins ​​on the first mission to carry humans aboard the private Crew Dragon spacecraft .

Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley , along with Tremor, made their journey normally to the International Space Station, but it was the stuffed animal who stole all the spotlight.

Space Puppy | 2021

During the Inspiration 4 mission powered by SpaceX ‘s powerful Falcon 9 rocket, one of the space travelers named Hayley Arceneaux pulled a plush toy out of a bag

Bunny | 2022

During the live broadcast of SpaceX ‘s totally private space mission , called Ax-1 , you can see a small cuddly toy in the form of a rabbit, the real name of the space toy is not yet known, but for the moment we will name it ‘ bunny’.

Probably, when the astronauts give their press conference on the space station, we will know the real name of the curious stuffed animal, which has already become a tradition to carry stuffed animals on SpaceX missions .