SpaceX: Crew-3 crew mission to ISS canceled due to bad weather in Florida

The mission of SpaceX and NASA is delayed, the crew of the Crew Dragon will not be able to take off on Sunday, October 31 for the International Space Station due to bad weather in Florida.

Once again bad weather delayed a new launch, the Crew-3 mission to the International Space Station could not be carried out as planned due to bad weather in Florida .

The SpaceX mission is scheduled for 10:10 pm ET (11:10 pm Peruvian time) next Wednesday, November 3 .

Astronauts Matthias Maurer, Raja Chari, Tom Marshburn and Kayla Barron will travel aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft and dock at the ISS around 22 hours after lift-off.

Science in space

The Crew-3 crew will be greeted on board by the current seven crew members of the International Space Station and will be dedicated to accomplishing various missions.

For example, astronaut Matthias hopes to support more than 35 experiments in orbit, these include research on biology, materials science, fluid physics, environmental science, and radiation and technology.

You can watch the Crew-3 crew launch through official NASA channels  on YouTube and ESA TV .