SpaceX just conducted an engine test for the Starship SN20 interplanetary spacecraft

SpaceX has just carried out a key test and has fired all six engines of the prototype of the Starship spacecraft.

The one in charge of future human missions to the Moon and Mars .

SpaceX continues to test its latest prototype Starship spacecraftfor a historic orbital test flight, which will mark the official start of upcoming human missions to the Moon and Mars .

The Starship SN20 vehicle ignited all six Raptor engines in a brief “static fire” test at the SpaceX facility near Boca Chica in southern Texas.

It’s the first time a Starship prototype has fired all six engines: three Raptor engines designed to propel it into orbit and three optimized to travel through the vacuum of space.


SpaceX continues to upgrade the Starship spacecraftto carry humans and payload to the Moon, Mars, and other destinations in the solar system.

The Elon Musk- owned company has already released prototypes, but this latest test of the SN20 is vital in preparing the first-stage booster called Super Heavy . The next crucial test will be to place the Starship in Earth’s orbit.