SpaceX to put Nancy Grace Roman telescope into orbit for $255 million

SpaceX has been awarded a million dollar contract from NASA . The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescopewill fly in 2026 on one of its ships.


NASA has awarded the launch contract for the Nancy Grace Roman space telescope  to SpaceX for the sum of 255 million dollars.

The telescope, which will study dark matter and dark energy, will be launched in 2026, almost five years after the now famous James Webb .

Millionaire contract for SpaceX

Under the contract, SpaceX will launch the telescope on a Falcon Heavy rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The vehicle first flew in 2018, has three reusable boosters, and can launch nearly 64 metric tons into orbit.

The cost of launching the mission is expected to be around $255 million, including launch services and related additional charges.