SpaceX will fly NASA astronauts into space next “4/20”

A date that would not make much sense, if it were not because Elon Musk is a fan of its meaning.


On April 20 (4/20 according to the Western calendar), SpaceX  will fly NASA astronauts  to the International Space Station.

That’s because SpaceX’s long-awaited Crew-4 mission, previously scheduled for April 19, is now scheduled for April 20, a day with particular significance for CEO Elon Musk


NASA Commercial Crew Program Manager Steve Stich joked that Crew-4 would be a “4-4-4” mission, launching NASA’s fourth SpaceX crew mission with a fourth booster in the fourth month . of the year.

What was left unsaid is that 4/20 is probably more notable, in the minds of much of the public, but also in the minds of Musk, who has long shown a fondness for that particular marijuana-affiliated number. The 4/20 is a number related to its consumption in popular jargon.

While attending Joe Rogan’s YouTube and podcast show, he smoked a joint while discussing the future of Tesla and SpaceX.

There was a time when he threatened to take Tesla public at $ 420 a share , for example. On another occasion, when it emerged that two rocket engines were fitted to a prototype Starship in a way that coincidentally spelled “420,” Musk would only point out that it was “coincidence.”

On another occasion, it announced a reduction in the price of its Model S in the United States to  US$69,420.