Parlate a Bassa Voce , by Esmeralda Calabria , after the première at the 40th Turin Film Festival will arrive at the cinema from 9 March with Satine Film.

which today presents the poster and the official photos of the film.

Esmeralda Calabria challenges preconceptions to restore dignity to memory and courageously rips a veil over Albania, one of the countries closest to us but most unknown to us. For the first time, she removes from our memory the indelible images of the boats, to which we link Albania in the collective imagination. Starting from a photograph of today’s country, with an eye to yesterday’s country, Parlate a Bassa Voce challenges prejudices and makes us understand how memory is something to always reckon with. What emerges is a country full of contradictions in which we meet musicians, actors, directors, privileged and declassed, elderly people with faces marked by time who tell, between nostalgia and a sense of reality, the inconsistencies of a system that had the face of the dictator Enver Hoxha.

Acting as Virgil is Redi Hasa , an internationally renowned musician and cellist who takes us to his homeland. Born in 1977, raised in a country in transition, he arrived in Puglia at the age of twenty. On this journey, which takes us to the most impenetrable of the former Communist countries of Eastern Europe, Redi Hasa is the symbol of a people who move between the legacy of the past and the dynamism of the present. Music allowed him to cross borders. The feeling of him being “spat out” by a beloved land has made it his artistic peculiarity in another country that has welcomed him.

Redi Hasa begins a journey that starts from memories, from the fear of forgetting and from the desire to stop time and takes us back to that world with the weight of a memory which, more than 30 years after the fall of the regime, coexists with the advent of democracy. The result is a multifaceted fresco in which the cumbersome past accentuates the fragility and ambiguities of the young democracy.

Parlate a Bassa Voce, directed and edited by Esmeralda Calabria, is produced by Titti Santini and Esmeralda Calabria with the contribution of MIC – Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual, European Union, Puglia Region, POR Puglia FESR ESF 2014/2020, Foundation Apulian Film Commission. Original music by Redi Hasa, directorial collaboration Mirko Pincelli Executive production Akifilm Giorgia Pirillo