Rumors continue to circulate about the sequel to Spider-Man: No Way Home , not yet officially announced by Sony Pictures.


but already confirmed by president Tom Rothman .

Previously, some believed the film would be released in July of 2024, but that date has been taken up by Thunderbolts after D23. Well, now one of the usual “scoopers” argues that a distribution in 2025 is more likely, given that Marvel Studios have postponed most of their titles.

It should be considered that Avengers: The Kang Dynasty will also be released that year , where the Wall Climber could make an appearance, so the company will have to find a way to manage all the continuity.

Anyway, for now it’s just a rumor. However, Tom Holland ‘s return is almost obvious: it is said that he has signed up for a new trilogy, as well as to participate in two or three other Marvel Cinematic Universe productions (including, precisely, The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars ). Furthermore, we don’t even know if Marvel and Sony are hoping to have Jon Watts back as director, or if they are focusing on someone else. The filmmaker is currently busy with the Star Wars: Skeleton Crew series for Lucasfilm and Disney+, so he certainly can’t deal with the film for the moment, assuming he wants to return.

I remind you that, in the ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home , Peter Parker has begun a new solitary life: nobody knows his secret identity anymore, MJ and Ned don’t remember him, and the hero can only count on his forces (no more Stark – branded gadgets or high-tech costumes). Also, the Venom symbiote – or at least a fragment of him – is on the loose, as we saw in the scene during the credits.