In Spider-Man: A New Universe , filmmakers used various styles of animation to differentiate the various Spider-Man that appeared in the film.

In the following Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse different styles will be used for each branch of the Multiverse.

Christopher Miller explained to Collider:

“It’s, as Phil said, a very ambitious sequel, because we didn’t want to do the same thing again. And so the idea that we would go to different dimensions really opened up an artistic opportunity to have each world with its own graphic style, and to be able to push the guys at ImageWorks to develop a way to make each dimension feel like it is. was drawn by the hand of a different artist. Seeing these things develop is breathtaking, and really, it’s the reason we keep doing it, because it’s so hard to get it right. “

Speaking about their work on the film and other projects like Mitchells vs. the Machines , Phil Lord explained that they are trying to push animation in directions it has never traveled.

The cast

Joaquim Dos Santos ,  Kemp Powers  and  Justin K. Thompson are directing the sequel based on the screenplay written by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller and David Callaham .

Lord, Miller, Amy Pascal, Avi Arad and Christina Steinberg return as producers, with Alonzo Ruvalcaba in the role of co-producer. The director of the first film Peter Ramsey will executive produce with Aditya Sood .

It has been confirmed that in the sequel we will also see Supaidaman, the Japanese Spider-Man we talked about  in this study .

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One) will be released in American theaters on October 7, 2022 and in Italian cinemas in 2022.