After the clips of the past few days, a new Spider-Man: No Way Home spot is available which focuses on the return of Goblin , aka Willem Dafoe .

“Peter, no good deed goes unpunished,” says Norman Osborn without a mask, but with hood and armor patched up. Below are some shots of Electro ( Jamie Foxx ) and Doctor Octopus ( Alfred Molina ), while Spidey himself ( Tom Holland ) sees MJ ( Zendaya ) fall into the void. Will he be able to save her?

Some time ago we showed you two sensational images (but not confirmed), while here you will find the reactions of the cast to the trailer, and here the international trailer from which it seems that something has been digitally removed. We also found out that Betty Brant is managing the Daily Bugle’s TikTok account , and that the final duration will be 2 hours and 28 minutes . It also appears that the CGI will be completed at the last minute .

The release of No Way Home is expected the day after tomorrow, December 15th , in Italian cinemas. You can see the spot below.

The spot

In the multiverse

The film will bring back several well-known faces. There will be Electro ( Jamie Foxx ), Doctor Octopus ( Alfred Molina ), Goblin ( Willem Dafoe ), Sandman and Lizard , but it is not clear if we will also see Thomas Haden Church and Rhys Ifans . Not confirmed – but practically certain – the Spider-Man of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield , while we know nothing about the possible return of Kirsten Dunst and Emma Stone . Doctor Strange will obviously be thereby Benedict Cumberbatch , and possibly Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock . Also in the cast Arian Moayed .


Disney and Sony Pictures have found the deal to share Spider-Man , so the film is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe , like the previous adventures with Tom Holland . The production is handled by Marvel Studios .

The cast

The cast will feature Tom Holland ( Peter Parker / Spider-Man ), Marisa Tomei ( Aunt May ), Zendaya ( MJ ), Jacob Batalon ( Ned Leeds ), Tony Revolori ( Flash Thompson ) and presumably Angourie Rice ( Betty ). Benedict Cumberbatch will be Doctor Strange .


After Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home , Jon Watts is again directing .