It is now incredible what you can do with CGI, and we shouldn’t be surprised at anything anymore.


But it is still impressive to discover that, for a good half of Spider-Man: No Way Home , Tom Holland ‘s body was recreated on the computer.

The reason? According to the initial plans, Peter was to wear the red and black costume throughout the final portion of the film. At advanced shooting, however, an idea not present in the script is born: once curated by Peter, Doc Ock “gives him back” the nanotechnology that had merged with his mechanical arms. From this comes the hybrid costume between the red and black one and the Iron Spider armor created by Tony Stark. Except, by then, all the parts where Peter was supposed to wear this new hybrid costume, including the final showdown on the Statue of Liberty, had already been shot.

Scott Edelstein , visual effects supervisor of the film, explains:

About halfway through the film, Peter gets the nanotechnology back from Doc Ock. He heals him, and she comes out of his arms and creates this hybrid costume on top of him, the one he wears when he’s in Happy’s apartment. But that idea came after the shoot.

And he continues:

They had basically shot half the entire movie with him wearing the black and red suit, which was now no longer consistent with the fact that he had gotten the nanotechnology. So, for almost half of the film, his body from the neck down is totally CGI and we hope no one will notice.

During the whole scene with Aunt May, where he holds her in his arms and interacts with her, and during the third act, with them inventing the cures, and the whole fight at the Statue of Liberty, her body is in CGI all the time, which is pretty impressive.

The visual effects work ended… in January

Edelstein also explains that, thanks to modern digital technologies, it is possible to work on the visual effects sequences of a film right up to the last: “I think we delivered the finished scenes in the second week of December, or something like that,” he reveals. Practically close to the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home , which arrived in our country on December 15 and in the USA on the 17th. This more or less was known, but the surprising data revealed by Edelstein is that the Digital team Domain continued to work on the film even after its release:

Sometimes, even after a movie comes out in North America, they want to add effects or create additional ones for home video output or behind the scenes, or this or that. I think we kept adding effects until mid-January, or something like that, on a film that came out in December.

Edelstein is nominated, along with Kelly Port, Chris Waegner and Daniel Sudick , for the Oscar for Best Visual Effects. HERE the complete list of nominees for the 2022 Oscars.