Spotify: find out what your friends listen to in the application

Find out which songs or playlists are most listened to by your friends on Spotify .


It is an application of Swedish origin of multimedia services most used in the world for playing music via streaming .

It is preferred by users for presenting a better audio quality, being free of advertisements and being totally unlimited in use.

It is very common to discover new musical artists or podcasts through the extensive application, but it is also possible to discover new content and know what your friends are listening to on Spotify . The application also presents a tool that allows us to be connected with our friends and thus share musical news.

See what your friends are listening to in the Spotify app

It is necessary to clarify that in order to see what your friends are doing, both you and they must have linked the Spotify platform with the Facebook social network .

  • Steps from PC
  1. Enter Spotify and link the platform
  2. Look for the Friends Activity option, and then select Find Friends.
  3. A list of your friends will appear, choose the users you want to have reflected in your Spotify and select the Follow option to add them.


  • Steps from your mobile device
  1. Enter Spotify and link the app
  2. Access the start of the application and click on the Preferences section , which is identified with a gear-shaped item.
  3. Select the View My Profile option and tap the Find Friends option.
  4. Here a section will appear with a list of your Facebook friends , you can click on Follow everyone or individually select only the users you want to have on Spotify ; After having everything selected, press the Continue button .

After following the steps above, you should search Spotify for the section titled Activities of friends , in it you will find your entire list of friends and what each of the activities they are doing in real time; being possible to see what the users who are inside the list are listening to.