Spotify: How to recover a deleted song or playlist

Spotify  allows you to recover a playlist or song is removed from the playlist.

Streaming  services  have gained popularity over the years, with Spotify standing out among them all, as it offers useful tools for listening to music, including the ability to recover a playlist after it has been mistakenly deleted.

Recovering a song or a playlist that was perhaps inadvertently deleted is super simple and doesn’t take much time. In this note we will show the steps so that you can listen to all your favorite songs again.

It is done automatically and you will be able to find a song of your content within the system. There are two methods to recover files and they are as follows:

Keyboard shortcuts

The key combination can help you recover a playlist as long as you take into account the operating system you have used.

If it is a Windows computer the recovery shortcut is set as  Control + Shift + Z” .

On the other hand, if it is iOS, you only have to press  Command + Z ”.

In this way, you will be able to see how the system automatically restarts and the playlists become part of your content again.


One of the peculiarities that Spotify has is that it allows you to make a backup automatically when you modify your account. Obviously the playlist is included.

That is why the easiest way is to log in to the platform to recover what you have mistakenly deleted.

  1. You enter the platform and you will see the Menu option Within which you will find the Recover Playlist option .
  2. Within that category you will be able to see the date, name and content of all the lists that you have removed from your account.
  3. Select the Recover button so that it is automatically reinstated to your account.