Spotify: How to reduce the data used in the application?

Spotify allows you to save data through its configuration menu and continue enjoying the music.


The Spotify streaming app is home to more than just music, as you can also find podcasts , music albums, playlists, and friend profiles on it.

How to save cellular data on Spotify?

Like any application, some of its functions are only available using the internet, since the paid version does not require data. In this case, it needs the songs to be downloaded to work properly.

If the user does not have Wi-Fi around and wants to listen to music by reducing mobile data , you can reduce data consumption through the Spotify menu.

This option is very useful especially for podcasts, because in this way the videos will not be downloaded, only the audio will be heard.

Videos are known to consume much more data than music, and if they last longer, they will consume more internet just like other online players, such as YouTube and Vimeo .

To shrink the data and do the following:

  1. Enter the application
  2. press start
  3. Go to the settings menu
  4. Turn on data saver.

In this way, the user will save cellular data, a fact to be highlighted is that the animated graphics on the screen can also be deactivated, because despite the fact that they are brief and are shown in a loop, they also consume a significant amount of data.

Disable the ‘Canvas’ feature in the app

To disable the Canvas feature you must:

  1. Open the app
  2. go to home
  3. Then click on settings
  4. Disable Canvas Now Playing

Another option to save mobile data is to reduce the bandwidth, closing the applications that are open and use the Internet, Spotify recommends the premium version because it can be used without using data, if you have access to a computer with Wi-Fi it is also you can use the desktop version, where you will be able to enjoy almost all the Spotify options.