Spotify: how to send a specific part of a song in the music player?

Spotify provides a music service in different countries around the world. Many users want to share their favorite songs from a specific part. In this note we explain how to do it.


Spotify is one of the most used music players by music lovers, because its operation is simple and you don’t need to do much for the client to listen to a song.

To access Spotify , you must first create an account, either in the app or on the web page, and you can have a free or premium account, in the latter you will have to pay a monthly amount, but it allows you to listen to the songs in an unlimited way and no ads. Another point to highlight is the option to download music, since it can be used when the user does not have access to the internet, which is essential for the music app to work.

Spotify has a wide variety of genres in its report, you can find everything from reggaeton, salsa, ballads, cumbias, to Korean music. It also gives the client the option to generate a playlist, this means that you can choose the songs that you like the most and add them to a different section that the user can name.


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How to share a specific part of a song on Spotify?

The app also allows you to share your various songs and from a specific part of it. These are the steps you must follow:

  1. The Spotify music app should open .
  2. Then you must choose the name of the song to share.
  3. Then click on Copy Spotify URI.
  4. The user will then right-click on the track and copy the Spotify URI.
  5. Finally, you must add the number sign #, and then write the time you want to share the song.