Spotify: How to use a song as an alarm on Android devices?

The Spotify music app allows the user to listen to a large number of songs, but it also works as an alarm clock for Android devices.


Spotify is a music player that has a fantastic function, which is based on being able to use any song in its repertoire as sound and it only has to be integrated with the clock that is found by default on Android phones.

The clock app comes pre-installed on Android devices and with it the option to choose between different default alarm tones and the songs that are downloaded to the phone. Currently, you can easily choose from the Spotify application, you just have to follow the following steps.

What steps to follow to choose a Spotify song for alarm tone?

  1. First of all, you must have the Clock application installed with its latest update, it comes by default on the Android mobile, you just have to make sure that it has its latest version. However, if the device does not have the app, you must go to the Play Store and install it.
  2. Then, you must open the Clock application and locate the + symbol that allows you to add a new alarm. Different options will appear to choose from where to put the sound to the alarm, among them is the Spotify option,
  3. It will be directed to the music player, for this you must click connect and touch the Ok option, you must previously be logged in to an account.
  4. When entering, you can view playlists, you only have to press the song that you are going to choose. Otherwise, if the song you want to choose is not in the recently listened option, touch the search button and write the name of the music.
  5. Finally, press the button, go back and redirect to the clock app, just confirm and the sound will be default.