Spotify removes the shuffle button from discs at Adele’s request

Spotify changed its formula due to Adele’s request : “Anything for you.”

Music streaming service, Spotify , has eliminated the shuffle button of the discs due to a request from the singer Adele .

Adele, who is releasing the album “30” , asked the company not to let users play their latest songs in disarray. The argument was that his order has a reason.

“We don’t create albums so carefully and thinking so much about our song list for no reason. Our art tells a story, and our stories should be heard in the order we intended,” he said on Twitter.

Therefore, Spotify fulfilled his wish.

Chris Macowski, Head of Communications at Spotify, confirmed the change to The Verge : “As Adele mentioned , we are excited to share that we have started rolling out a new Premium feature, which both users and artists have been requesting for a long time. weather”.

The service’s social media account was more loving: “Anything for you.”

But you can still get it back

According to Spotify, the change will be by default on the discs, but the user can still return to the random formula.

“For those users who still want to shuffle an album, they can go to the Now Playing menu and select the shuffle option,” says the company.