Spotify removes thousands of songs created by artificial intelligence: the culprits are the bots

Spotify doesn’t want artificial music played “infinitely” by fake users and is starting to root them out.


Spotify has started removing thousands of AI generated songs from its music library.

However, the problem does not seem to be the melodies themselves, but their listeners: hundreds of bots and fake users created to inflate their statistics

The music AI

To remove AI songs, Spotify has ended all partnership with AI Bommy , an artificially generated music startup that allows users to upload their tunes.

This service, launched in 2021, gave users the option to write how they wanted the songs and obtain “original tracks” that could then be uploaded to streaming platforms and obtain royalties from them.

However, music as such was not a problem. Users were looking for a way to quickly increase the stats of their songs to generate more profit.

“Artificial streaming is a long-standing, industry-wide issue that Spotify is working to eliminate across our entire service,” Spotify said . “When we identify or are alerted to potential instances of stream tampering, we mitigate its impact by taking steps that may include removing stream numbers and withholding royalties. This allows us to protect royalty payments for honest, hard-working artists.”

Boomy says its users “have created 14,554,448 songs” or just under 14% of “the world’s recorded music.”

digital music

Music created by artificial intelligence has long been in the thick of the debate.

First, an AI managed to mix the voices of Drake and The Weeknd into a song that went viral.

And while more artists were angry about this situation, others like Grimes want users to use their voice , but share their royalties with it.