Spotify trembles: TikTok would venture into music streaming services with TikTok Music

ByteDance , the company behind TikTok , filed a new patent application with the name of the service with which it will compete with Spotify and Apple Music.


TikTok filed a patent application for “TikTok Music” , the name of what would be its music streaming service in the United States . ByteDance , the company behind the short video app, is reportedly looking to expand its business to new horizons and will face rivals like Spotify and Apple Music in its own market as a newcomer.

The report comes from Business Insider , who indicated that the Chinese firm behind the platform is already preparing to enter music streaming services in the future. This is not far from what the app usually does since it is considered as a hub for discovering new music or popularizing it thanks to its millions of users around the world.

TikTok seeks new horizons

According to the report, ByteDance filed the registration application for TikTok Music last May in the United States. It further indicated that this trademark could be used for “a variety of products and services, including a mobile application that would allow users to buy, play, share and download music, songs, albums and lyrics” .

Additionally, other use cases for TikTok Music would be a mobile application that will allow users to “stream live audio and video”, as well as the ability to “edit and upload photos as playlist covers” (such as those already seen on services like Spotify ). The option to “comment music, songs and albums” would also be included in the app.

TikTok as competition for Spotify and Apple Music

They may have long reigned in the music streaming market, but ByteDance’s foray into this space with TikTok Music could be a game changer for its competitors. It is important to note that TikTok is the only application that is not owned by Meta – Facebook ‘s parent company – that managed to overcome the barrier of 3 billion downloads worldwide.

Another reason why TikTok Music would stand as a fearsome contender is the fact that its main platform is already used as a boost for an artist to be discovered and become known.

“Typically, a company Alicia the size of TikTok or ByteDance is only going to file trademark applications for items that they are seriously considering. If you look back at the trademark applications of any major company, you’ll see the ones they filed that never materialized. But many times they do. And a lot of times it’s something that they’re seriously working on ,” Josh Gerben , a trademark attorney at Gerben Law Firm, told Business Insider