Spotify: what payment plans do you have and how much do they cost

Spotify  is one of the most used music apps worldwide, the platform has different premium payment plans to suit the user.


The Swedish multimedia service, Spotify , is one of the most popular music playback applications of recent times. Millions of people download it through the Play Store or App Store, as well as its desktop version.

According to the statistics provided by Spotify itself , its monthly increase in users in 2021 was increasing by leaps and bounds and, as of June of last year, premium subscribers reached the figure of 165 million people. Therefore, it is not to be expected that many people are interested in knowing what payment plans are best for them and if it is within their budget to enjoy this music streaming.

premium plans

The premium payment plans grant different benefits to the user who wishes to acquire it. In addition, it allows the person to listen to the music they like unlimitedly, without any advertising, anywhere without the need for an Internet connection, unlike the free option. On the other hand, you will be able to download all the songs you want in high quality.

single premium

This option has all the premium features mentioned and costs S/ 18.90 per month. This cannot be shared and is for personal use.

premium duo

This plan is special for two people who live together and want to share or split the cost of popular music streaming. Its cost is S/ 24.90 per month.

Spotify premium family

In this option, 6 people can share the premium account at a price that, as indicated by Spotify , has a discount. The cost is S/ 29.90 per month. In addition, it includes:

  • Explicit Content Filtering: The account administrator has the option to turn explicit content playback on or off for all family premium users.

Premium for students

The Spotify Student plan is exclusively for users who have active studies such as university or higher education approved by Spotify . The benefits of this plan are all those granted by the premium, plus an exclusive discount for university students who meet the subscription requirements. The cost is S/ 9.90 soles per month.