Spotify will integrate a function of its desktop version on cell phones

The new feature called “Community” will allow you to see your friends’ music habits on the Spotify mobile app.


Music fans have been asking Spotify to bring the Friends Activity  sidebar from the desktop version to the mobile platform, and now it looks like it’s coming true.

Until now, the feature that lets you see what your Spotify or Facebook friends are currently listening to has never been available on the Android or iOS mobile versions of the app.

However, the company seems to be already working on bringing this feature to Spotify  on the App Store and Play Store.

Spotify Social Roots

Originally announced by tech icon Chris Messina, it appears the streaming service is testing a new tab called Spotify’s “Community” for mobile. Interestingly, anyone with an iOS device can access the test area just by typing “spotify:community” into Safari’s address bar.

The addition of this new “Community”  feature to Spotify’s mobile platform brings the company back to its social roots.

Users hope that Spotify will continue to adapt and allow “Community”  to link with other social networks beyond Facebook, now that it is not being used by young people.