These days both Bob Iger and Kevin Feige have talked about a change of strategies at Disney and Marvel Studios .

The company needs to take better care of its franchises, whose content is extremely expensive. Iger had pointed out:

“We want quality on screen, but we have to consider how much they cost us.”

Kevin Feige recently echoed him, explaining that there would be a slowdown in the releases of products designed for Disney + .

It is rumored that only the second season of Loki and Secret Invasion will be coming to the platform and a few days ago, we saw The Marvels release date shift from this summer to fall. Probably to give more time to post-production which in recent productions gave the feeling of being rushed.

But Star Wars?

The franchise has been missing from theaters since 2019 and has had a few false starts with regards to projects that have been announced in the past, last on the list being Patty Jenkins ‘ Rogue Squadron .

As we know there are several projects in development, the latest are those of Damon Lindelof and that of Taika Waititi , but there is also that of Feige and who knows if there is still hope for Rian Johnson ‘s trilogy .

Announcement coming?

Disney is expected to reveal the film plans at the Star Wars Celebration , which takes place in April in London. An inside source tells THR:

“Lucasfilm may increase [its content], but it will have to abide by the same fiscal discipline as the rest of the company.”

Recall that for this year the third season of The Mandalorian , Ahsoka with Rosario Dawson , and Skeleton Crew produced by Jon Watts are arriving on Disney+ . To these titles are added the animated series: Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures and Star Wars: Visions – Volume 2 .