‘Star Wars: Visions’: surprising trailer Released Date for Disney anime

The production companies presented the first preview of the anime-inspired by the Star Wars franchise.

The trailer for ‘Star Wars: Visions’

Maybe Star Wars: Visions is one of the most anticipated productions by the followers of the universe of Star Wars and also by criticism. It is a production in which, in terms of creativity, the freedoms are extensive and, judging by the launch trailer presented by Lucasfilm and Disney, the suspicion that it may be a great bet is being transformed into certainty.

Not only because of the creative freedom granted to the producers and linked to the project but because the genre was chosen to represent that universe, anime. Its tradition, rich in possibilities and without too many fears depending on this or that subject, allows Star Wars: Visions a range of alternatives that, perhaps, on the big screen, the franchise could not fully exploit for different reasons.

Considering what was seen in the first trailer of Star Wars: Visions, both the genre and the creativity of the producers were used in an excellent way to find a production that, from the beginning, arouses curiosity. That factor lies in the aesthetic bet and the variety of stories suggested within this version of the Star Wars story.

Star Wars: Vision s will be a nine-part miniseries from Lucasfilm and Disney. Beyond the length, why is it important to be aware of the number of episodes? Because different Japanese animation studios are mixed in it. The production firms that are linked to this project are:

  • Kamikaze Douga
  • Geno Studio
  • Studio Colorful
  • Trigger
  • Kinema Citrus
  • Science Saru

Therefore, it is valid to suspect that a different aesthetic proposal will be generated through each episode without ceasing to belong to the same narrative universe. A key factor within the story contributes to the integration of the studios: the stories, beyond belonging to the same franchise, are not linked to each other and are not subject to the timeline developed in the cinema.

Star Wars: Visions will be released on September 22 through the Disney Plus platform. If nothing changes from now until then, all nine production chapters will be available from day one.