Starlink achieves a better average internet speed than other services in Peru, according to a study

Elon Musk’s satellite internet, Starlink , achieved an average download speed of 77.17 Mbps, an amount higher than the 72.93 Mbps of local fixed broadband providers.


Elon Musk’s satellite internet, Starlink , has started its presence in countries like Peru favorably by obtaining an average download speed higher than all other fixed broadband providers combined.

The service entered our country at the beginning of this year and has already obtained average downloads of 77.17 Mbps in Peru, surpassing the 72.93 Mbps of the rest of the services in the country, according to a shared Ookla study.

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This 2023, Starlink began to operate in new countries such as the Philippines, Peru and Nigeria.

Of the three new countries, the Philippines is the best performing country, with 110.78 Mbps download and 13.69 Mbps upload. Its latency, yes, is 162 ms.

Peru ranks second among the new ones, but with better upload speed (22.08 Mbps) and latency (48 ms).

Nigeria reaches 61.75 and 11.17 Mbps respectively.

As for South America, the Starlink service in Peru is lower in download speed than Chile (84.62 Mbps), but higher than Colombia (73.51 Mbps) and Brazil (70.92 Mbps).

Nationwide, Starlink is far superior to rival HughesNet satellite service, which clocks in at 15.28 Mbps download speeds and tops out at 2.84 Mbps with 835 ms latency.