Starlink is now putting a cap on high-speed data usage per month

Starlink has changed its guidelines and has indicated that it will now limit its users’ high-speed data usage to 1TB.


This “priority access” will be limited between 7 in the morning and 11 at night and will start in December. If you cross it, your internet speed will be reduced at that time.

speed limits

The SpaceX-run satellite internet provider is instituting a monthly limit. Crossing it will mean “being relegated to Basic Access”, taking priority away from data when the network is with a greater number of users.

The service can be expensive if you insist on full performance 24 hours a day. It will cost $250 to get an additional 1TB of data during those hours.

The limit will also vary according to the service paid for.

The fixed business service has peak limits ranging from 500 GB to 3 TB, with additional full-speed data costing $1 per gigabyte. Mobility users do not have priority access for recreational use , while Business and Premium/Marine users have respective limits of 1TB and 5TB. Those high-end users will pay $2 for every gigabyte of priority data they need.

To reach more people

Starlink maintains that it has to balance supply with demand to provide fast service to “the greatest number of people”. This is apparently to keep usage in check on a “finite resource”.

SpaceX raised its prices this fall. The decision to limit users comes as the company requested government help to finance Starlink service in Ukraine at a stated cost of nearly $400 million per year.