The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office, which has been looking for actor Julian Sands on Mount Baldy for nearly a month now, has updated on the state of the search.


And unfortunately this is not good news. A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said:

Regarding Julian Sands’ research, we remain hopeful, but now the result may not be what we would like.

Conditions on Mount Baldy remain a hazard and our Air Division is still scouting the area when possible. We also intend to survey the area on the ground in the future.

Julian Sands ( Arachnophobia, Warlock, A Room with a View, Screams of Silence ) has been missing since 13 January. The 65-year-old actor was on Mount Baldy, northeast of Los Angeles, on a trail known as the Baldy Bowl Trail, which is very popular with mountain hikers in Southern California. made the search very difficult. The actor is an experienced hiker and family and friends still have hope that he may have made it. Several public and private searches have already been carried out without success.