Stop Theft: How to Log Out of Netflix Everywhere

Netflix  allows you to see who is accessing your account , where and from what device. It also allows you to close sessions remotely.


Netflix  allows you to spend a pleasant moment watching a series or movie, but what if at one point you realize that you have been naive, since there are too many people using the same account at the same time as you?

Perhaps you shared your username and password with a family member or friend, and they passed it on to other people, and so on, causing your entertainment to suffer because they did not notice it before and therefore continue to use your subscription. We will explain how you can regain control of your Netflix accounts without much effort.

How to regain control of your Netflix accounts?

To know who is connected to your Netflix account, without letting you watch your series, you must do the following.

  1. First, go to the Netflix Home page in your favorite browser
  2. Then sign in
  3. Once you are inside, in the upper right corner you will see the avatar of your account, clicking on it will display the menu and you must click on Account
  4. Then scroll down and then click where it says “Recent Device Streaming Activity.
  5. The devices that have recently accessed your account and where in the world they are located will appear.
  6. So that you can review it and you can start deleting, you must go to “account” click on “log out of all devices” to log out of all computers, except the one you are currently on
  7. Finally, you will have to change the password, for that go to the “account” option and change it to a new one