‘Stranger Things’: Netflix announces season 4 premiere date

Netflix has announced the premiere date for the fourth season of Stranger Things, one of the streaming service’s most popular series. It has also released a new teaser trailer of a few seconds, revealing more details about the future new episodes.

Unfortunately, to the chagrin of many of the series fans, the fourth season of Stranger Things will not arrive in 2021 and is delayed until sometime in 2022, as published on its official Twitter account. No more details have been given, nor a more specific date.

At the moment, all we have are a few new images and sequences of what we will see next year and the hope that throughout the second half of 2021, we will see a complete trailer with more clues of what will happen. The last time we got a sneak peek at season four was in May when Netflix released another somewhat cryptic teaser.

Stranger Things season 4: greater maturity and more terror

The information on season 4 of Stranger Things is relatively scarce at the moment. Initially destined for the end of 2021, today’s announcement confirms that it will leave until some date in 2022. It has been known that it will have nine episodes, trying to solve some of the doubts that have remained in the air.

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Stranger Things is the fate of Hooper, whom we believed dead, but after the post-credits scene and the first trailer for season four, we understood that he is still alive, but in a Russian prison. We will also see an increasingly mature cast, each day further removed from their childhood days and entering their adolescence phase.

We also know that season 4 is the penultimate and that Stranger Things will end with a fifth season, as announced by producers of the series and spokespersons responsible for Netflix.