The fifth season of Stranger Things , as we know, will be completely set in Hawkins .


The Duffer Brothers intend to close the circle by going back to the basics, and this is also testified by the statements they have recently made to IndieWire : in the fifth season there will be no new characters, indeed, the episodes will focus on the classic cast of the series. (plus obviously the new stable additions like Robin and poor Max).

Ross Duffer said:

Whenever we introduce a new character, we want to make sure that he will be an integral part of the story. She went like this with Eddie this season, we were like, “We need a character who really makes this subplot work, who gives her the fuel she needs.” But, every time we do that, we get nervous, because we think, “We have a great cast of characters and actors, and every moment we spend with a new character we steal time from one of the other actors.” So we are very, very cautious when introducing a new character.

Ross Duffer also talks about choosing Joseph Quinn and explains that the casting process for a character like Eddie Munson’s took a long time, “because we know we can’t introduce someone to steal our characters’ time unless it’s at least magnificent”. Matt Duffer adds:

The same thing goes for Sadie [Sink] and Maya [Hawke]. And it’s not that the actors don’t know. They all know they will join a cast that people love and that they will be the new element. We’ve seen this go wrong in other shows before, so they’re all nervous, but as Ross said, for those three in particular, and also for Dacre [Mongomery], who played Billy, it went very well because they are such great ones. fantastic actors. I like to shake things up and we do it by changing the storyline or adding a new monster. We’re trying our best to resist [the idea of ​​adding new characters] in season 5. We’re trying not to do it to focus on the original characters, I think.

But when will Stranger Things season 5 arrive on Netflix? Matt Duffer replies:

It depends who you ask. We are still trying to figure it out. If you ask our assistant director, and our line producer , they would like more time for filming. Our post-production supervisor would like more time for post-production. It will be a good discussion […]. But the point is this: the shorter the takes, the shorter the post-production, the more things get compromised.