As we know, the fifth and final season of Stranger Things will return to the roots of the series and will be completely set in Hawkins .


The Duffer Brothers have now revealed that this back to basics will include some ideas they had been developing, along with their writing team, for season 2.

Here’s what Ross Duffer told Netflix site Tudum :

The success of season 1 put us in a crisis. We knew we had to develop a bigger world, that this thing would last for more seasons. That’s why, during the preparation of season 2, we filled a whiteboard with every idea our writers’ room could imagine. But there were too many – [five or ten times] more than we needed. For Season 5, we’ll be bringing back a lot of those great ideas for Season 2. A lot of our finale came from things we thought would go into Season 2.

Exactly what those ideas are is unknown, but let’s remember that Stranger Things season 2 examined the link between Will and the Upside Down and Eleven’s past at Hawkins Labs.

Matt Duffer further revealed that the story of season 5 was revised after the release of season 4, and after the Duffers had received feedback from collaborators and fans:

We re-read the document. We thought, “Okay, okay. But it could be much better.”

And so, the Duffers rewrote the story and submitted it to Netflix:

Even the ending is a little different [now]. Many of the main ideas are the same, but what happens in between is very different.