Streamer almost started a fire in his house during live broadcast

American streamer Kjanecaron was trying to cook when her pan burst into flames. Everything was streamed on Twitch.


streamer  has gone viral after an eventful live stream on Twitch where she almost burned down her entire house.

The American Kjanecaron was making an extensible stream where, for each donation, she would continue live longer. This caused her to begin to carry out everyday actions such as watching television or cooking.

Precisely in this last case, it was when the misfortune almost happened.

Rule 1: keep your attention in the kitchen

Kjanecaron was forced to cook in order to feed herself and stay live on Twitch, but she made a near-fatal mistake: looking at the comments, she left her stove burners on.

It can be seen in images how the food in her pan burns and the oil catches fire, a fact that causes nervousness in the streamer. Unfortunately, his subsequent decisions were not correct either, trying to put out the fire with water, a fact that caused more chaos in the kitchen.

Pouring water onto an oil fire causes the water to sink to the bottom of the pan, where it instantly boils and shoots out in a burst of flame.

Kjanecaron started yelling ‘Help’ as the place filled with smoke

Fortunately for him, the fire in the pan burned itself out, preventing any tragedy. And he still had 11 hours of live streaming to go.

Kjanecaron only suffered a minor burn to his hand.