Streamer receives a box with $70,000, an iPhone and self-defense equipment from a follower

Amouranth , a popular Twitch streamer , received a box in the middle of the broadcast containing a large sum of money, the latest Apple mobile and a taser .


Amouranth , one of the most popular female streamers on Twitch , made news again through social networks after a curious event that occurred in her most recent live broadcast. The internet celebrity was surprised with a present live: a mysterious box sent by a fan containing $70,000 in cash, an iPhone and personal defense equipment.

As can be seen in the multiple clips that come from the streamer’s December 4 broadcast, the surreal situation occurred in the middle of what appeared to be a completely normal broadcast. In addition to the aforementioned gifts, the box also contained two telephone numbers: one that supposedly belongs to the author of the present and another that corresponds to a bodyguard service that the aforementioned contracted.

A new viral starring Amouranth

At some point in the direct past, Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa , known as Amouranth on the internet , reappeared with a mysterious box in her hands. After opening it, the content creator verified that inside were US$70,000 in cash , a latest model iPhone and a taser -electric pistol- intended to serve as a self-defense instrument.

After being baffled by what happened, the streamer thought it was all a prank by some other famous content creator trying to prank her to get material for a new video. “There’s no creepy ‘escape with me or marry me’ like there usually is ,” Amoranth said after reiterating that she believes some Internet celebrity is behind the box .

Amouranth after exposing his case of domestic violence

In the middle of last October, Amouranth revealed in full live broadcast that she was married and that her husband mistreated her, in addition to forcing her to publish the sexual content that characterized her for a long time on the Internet. Through tears, the streamer indicated that her abuser kept her under threats so that she would not reveal her true situation to the world.

Although this initially caused enormous concern for the streamer since her live broadcast was suddenly interrupted after exposing her truth, she reappeared some time later assuring that she was finally free and happy to be. Since then, the content creator has returned to her routine of streaming on Twitch , moving away from suggestive content.