Streamer tried to trick her followers by ‘stealing’ her cell phone on live broadcast

Users demanded that she stop broadcasting live, accusing the streamer of cheating them to receive more money through donations.

streamer fell into evidence after she tried to deceive all her viewers by setting up a scene in which “someone” stole her cell phone: that someone was herself.

Chang Wing Yee ( Kiaraakitty on Twitch ), originally from Singapore, wanted to fake the robbery in order to ask his followers for more donations, but his mistake exposed the case.


In the live video, the streamer wanted to broadcast images of her studying Medicine in her cell phone library.

He places the equipment in a corner, but within minutes of doing so, someone grabs it in an alleged robbery attempt.

However, what the streamer did not measure is that, while running, it could slip out of her hand: the cell phone fell and revealed her identity in the hoax.

In the reddit forums they have already told her everything and many recommend “changing her name and leaving the country” or accusing her that “she just wants people to send her money so she doesn’t have to pretend to study anymore”.

negative history

KiaraaKitty has already been sanctioned by Twitch multiple times for ‘violating community guidelines’, although this situation does not warrant any bans.

Often explosive or unusual content on Twitch can generate huge viewership and popularity so streamers don’t care and sometimes even go for crazy content for their viewers to enjoy. This can even mean creating content that can sometimes be controversial, just for the sake of gaining that influence.