Street Fighter: the famous video game saga that has more than 50 versions

Street Fighter is one of the most famous video games of all time, many generations grew up fighting one on one with their friends.


Street Fighter II was the first revolutionary one-on-one fighting game that allowed players to choose between multiple characters, a choice that created levels of depth and replayability hitherto unknown in an arcade game, making kids and teens from the 90s became almost addicted to the video game.

Each character had a fighting style with about 30 moves or more, including previously unseen maneuvers, plus two or three surprise hits that set them apart.

The first version of Street Fighter was released in 1987, despite being well received by the public, it was not compared to the debauchery that was experienced when Street Fighter II came out in the 90s, a video game that captured the attention of millions of children at that time. epoch. Thanks to its success, since then more than 50 versions of the game have been released, which is already considered a classic.

Street Fighter goes from Android to PS4

The popular game of the nineties, Street Fighter, could not be left behind, the new generations also had to know the adrenaline that gave one-on-one fight in the most vintage video game that can exist. Currently, there are 54 games that belong to this franchise, which can be obtained for Android, Xbox 360, Xbox ONE, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Game Boy Advance, among others.

Street Fighter celebrated its 30 years with Nintendo Switch

In 2017, to celebrate its 30th anniversary, the company released a next-gen version for Nintendo Switch, Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, many additional features were added, including some from other Street Fighter games, such as characters that had been released. in previous versions (Evil Ryu and Violent Ken), the dynamic battle mode 2 vs. 1 of the Street Fighter Alpha series, a Color Edit mode, and the special Way of the Hado minigame.