Study: Pollution weakens human bones; environmental factors at fault

The research team collected data from a group of more than 9,000 postmenopausal women for 6 years to determine that air pollution  influences bone structure in humans.


A new study led by biomedical scientist Diddier Prada from Columbia University in New York, and recently published in The Lancet,  points out that environmental pollution and, above all, air pollution have another adverse effect on the health of human beings. . The report highlights that this situation is causing the bones of human beings to become more fragile.

The research team behind the study noted that the more rapid bone loss from osteoporosis is also caused by air pollution . This chronic skeletal condition degenerates the bones until they become more brittle and more prone to breaking. To accomplish this, they collected data on a diverse group of 9,041 postmenopausal women for 6 years.