Super slim console: Youtuber builds a PS5 Slim less than 3 centimeters thick

Although Sony has slim versions of its PlayStation consoles on the market , this ‘youtuber’ has created the slimmest PS5 ever known.


Sony usually releases slim versions of its consoles, we have the case of ‘Slim’ models of PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 4 , but the company decided not to “slim” its next generation PlayStation 5 console .

However, well-known ‘youtuber’  Matt Perks (DIY Perks)  decided to take matters into his own hands and create the world’s first PS5 Slim.

The DIY PS5 Slim is 1 inch thick, a copper plate compared to the massive design of the original PS5.

And the cooling system?

Placing the original PS5 ‘s power supply and cooling system in the slim DIY version wouldn’t help the design. So Perks decided to build their own water-cooling system and put the power supply in a long, thin external case.

While it’s not perfect, and there were issues during the process, it was eventually able to get the console working. Its cooling system was even more efficient than Sony’s PS5, based on comparisons playing Horizon Forbidden West .